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States, Cities, Villages, Public Universities and Colleges, Counties, Towns, Townships, Public School Districts, Volunteer Fire Departments … WHY LEASE ?

*Obtain NEW labor-saving equipment right away… pay for it as it is being used, plus avoid the capital approval process!

* Use the monthly labor savings to make the monthly lease payment! Preserve cash for other needs!

* Established budget allocations are preserved and cash may be kept available for operational and emergency needs. Stay within budget.

* Leasing spreads payments out over several budget periods

* Lease payments can come out of operating, not capital budgets. Own the equipment for $1.00 at the end of the lease.

*Typically, municipalities are unable to sign a non-cancelable contract. That is why All-Lines Leasing provides a “Non-Appropriations “ clause as part of the lease documents. This important document allows the entity to terminate the lease without penalty if funding for any subsequent year of the lease cannot be appropriated.

Municipalities Should (Can & Do) Lease Equipment !

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